Friday, March 23, 2018

Much more than a shade better!

February 25th, 2018

Today we went to the Dallas RV Supersale rv show, mainly because I won tickets online. They normally are $15 a piece! We just went to look at what's new in the rv industry, and see what Heartland products were there. We also heard the GM for Big Country would be there.

We saw lots of Heartland products this time, because Fun Town has started selling Heartland. We looked at Landmark, Big Country, and a variety of others, but we didn't see the GM for Big Country after all. Oh well.

However, we did run across a vendor at the show that we were interested in. Zarcor Solutions makes products for marine and rv applications,and they have a very unique window shade that we had both been interested in. We happened to see their advertisement in the latest issue of Trailer Life Magazine.

Tony talked to the owner, John Halter, for a while before I showed up, and we talked about our upcoming West Texas Chapter Rally. John was eager to work with us! We worked out a deal to buy a window shade, and Zarcor offered to send us some doorprize materials and flyers for our rally.

March 2nd, 2018

Today we recieved our new RV Door Window shutter and glass. Here are some pics of the unpacking:

Opening the box


Window Sealant

Window Shade

Clear Glass

The next day, we proceeded with the install:

Old frosted window

Instructions say to tape the window before loosening the screws.

Removing screws from inside frame.

Removed the inside frame and glass

Removed outside frame.

Cleaned the frames, and applied new sealant to inside and outside frames.

While one person holds the outside frame, the inside frame and glass are positioned and screwed into place. 

Note the now clear glass! Clean well before next step.

Carefully peel off the backing on the adhesive spots on the shade.

Tip the shade into place, and rub spots to make a good seal to the window. 
Determine the proper placement, and add handle with two new screws.

Vew with the shade open

View with the shade closed

View from the exterior, with the shade closed.

Overall, the install was very straightforward and easy to do. It's especially easy if you have ever removed the door window in the past and know how it's done.

The only snag we had was that the handle was not easily reachable in our screen door opening. I contacted Zarcor, and they priority shipped me a replacement handle that was longer, and worked PERFECTLY!

We are very happy with our Zarcor RV Door Window Blind, and I highly recommend it if you want to see out the front door window, or block the light/heat from coming in the front door window. This shade does both VERY WELL!


  1. The view with the shade closed appears bright pink. Is it really? Did you install the room darkening shade? Stella

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  3. This shade and glass is for a standard Lippert RV door. Visit Zarcor Solutions for their offering and specs for doors their products will fit.

  4. Hi Stella! That is actually now our old style Room Darkening. We now offer a style that is purely black. There's pictures of our new style on Amazon 😄