Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mill Creek for Spring Break

After our last trip, we took Mammoth in for a little cosmetic surgery. She had an area of delamination under the living room window, which appeared as a large vertical bubble, about 3" wide and 14" long. We took her to Blue Moon RV Repair, whom specializes in Mobile RV Repair work. They have a shop as well, so we took it there, so they could take their time looking at it. I had contacted Heartland about the delamination back in August, and they recommended we get it looked at, send pictures, and then they would see what they could do, based on that. After removing the window and sending pics, HL agreed to pay for the repair, and send the necessary replacement decals, at no charge. They based the reimbursement on how long they thought it would take, but Blue Moon's quote was a little higher. We were OK with paying the difference, and we were grateful HL offered to help. We got Mammoth back at the end of February, and were very pleased with the results. We always seem to want to GO when Mammoth isn't available... so once she was back, we became focused on getting out and camping again!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We decided once Tony returned from the Band Trip to Florida, we'd take a quick trip for the remainder of Spring Break to Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort in Canton, TX. We'd been here before in October, at the Heartland Rally. This time, we took our bikes and hoped to explore the park a little more.

The entrance to Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

Tony got up and gave Mammoth a quick bath, then took her over to the park while I was at work, and got set up. I joined him after work, arriving about 7PM. He was cooking hamburgers on the O-grill! YUM! They were wonderful. The park is very full of families and rigs of all kinds, from pop-ups to class A busses. Lots of folks riding bikes, fishing the pond, swimming at the two pools, walking dogs, and enjoying life. We ended up sitting outside and enjoying the mild temps, then we went in and watched a little TV before turning in for the night. There's nothing like being away from home, but in your own bed.

Lots of folks here!

Friday, March 16th, 2012
I left before sun-up to head to Dallas for work, while Tony took a leisurely day to do much of nothing, along with a few projects around the rig. He did some tweaking to our new sign to hang on the kingpin.

Here's our sign

When I arrived back to the park after work, he was cooking steaks on the O-grill! It was again, amazing. Food always tastes better in the Mammoth. After dinner, I worked on trying to get our USB Modem and CradlePoint Router set up, While Tony caught up on some TV shows he missed being gone in Florida. 

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Eileen in the shamrocks

This morning, Tony went to the donut shop in town to get breakfast. They have the most amazing apple fritters! We got dressed and went over to ExploreUSA, a local Heartland dealer. We like their lot, all of the units are open and you can roam around un-bothered by salespeople. We knew they had some Landmarks, as well as the new DRV Tradition and Thor's Redwood, so we decided to look them over side-by-side. 

We spent a good half-hour or more going through a number of floorplans from HL and a few others, but we still keep coming back to the Heartland San Antonio. It has everything we want for our next rig, when we are ready to upgrade... (NOT YET!) I was not impressed with the Tradition nor the Redwood. They just don't have the style and comfort of the Heartland products, and they cost more!?!

After we left the dealer, we stopped at Baker's Ribs, a regional chain for great Bar-B-Q. They also offer fried pies for dessert. We decided to split one now and save one for later. We tried Apple, it was yummy! We have Pecan for later. 

We roamed around Canton a bit, and explored the area. Canton is just like any other small Texas town, except the weekend near the first Monday of the month, when they have First Monday Trade Days. It's huge, with acres and acres of booths and items for sale. We've nto been, but we've driven through when Trade Days are going on. It's a mad house and crazy busy!

After we returned from exploring, we crashed back at the rig and took it easy. After a nap, we decided to get the bikes out and go for a ride around the park. Eileen wanted to come, but her feet couldn't reach the pedals.

Eileen and the bikes

A few of the cottages

The Resort offers something unique in that they sell cottages as well as have RV spots. There is a large, secluded area of the park where these modern-day mini-homes reside, and are only accessible via golf cart or bike. 

While we were riding around the area of the cottages, we saw an outdoor wedding being performed off in the distance. The Resort has a very nice lodge for receptions and parties, as well as an area with a gazebo, arbor and stone walkway, perfect for outdoor weddings. The accent color for the bridesmaids was of course, green! The groom better not forget this anniversary!

At the end of one of the "streets" of cottages was a fenced pasture. As we neared the end of the "street", we noticed we were the topic of much interest... from a small herd of young calves! I guess it was dinner time, and they were looking for their meal ticket. Sorry guys, we got nothin!

hungry calves

After our ride we put the bikes up and Tony cooked hotdogs on the O-grill. We decided it was so nice, we'd eat outside on the picnic table. We sat outside again for a while, and enjoyed the great weather. I keep mentioning the great weather, because predictions has said it was going to be raining most of the weekend. So far we've had no rain, and nice cloud cover that kept temps in the 70s.

Grillin' and chillin'!

Sunday, March 18th, 2012
We got up and Tony made french toast for breakfast. AWESOME! We spent some time just being lazy then decided we need to get moving to get out by check out, Noon. We were able to make quick work of it, and pulled out right at Noon. I followed Tony in my car, and watched the bikes... They did great, so i think we'll take them when we can from now on. Got Mammoth home and unloaded, ate leftover burgers, then took her back to storage. Wow, a quick trip, but much needed escape from the everyday work week.

Eileen says goodbye from Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort