Monday, September 2, 2013

No one is stealing the water filter!

Monday, September 2

Early this morning a was awakened suddenly by what sounded like someone dragging a heavy plastic tote over gravel. In my sleepy stupor, I thought, "oh no! Someone is trying to steal our water filters!" These filters are housed in a rubber tote, and sit on the ground just below the coach. The water hose goes in one corner of the tote and out the other. The filters are not really expensive, it someone might think they were. Anyway, I thought the sound I heard was that. It wasn't. It was THUNDER!

After looking at the phone radar, I saw a small thunderstorm was headed our way. Sure enough, we got some rain. Not much, but some! And thankfully, it was some good cloud over that stayed in place. We drifted in and out of sleep with the thunder and rain until about 8.30, then we finally got up and got going. Tony made French toast again! Yum! After breakfast, we started packing up to head back home. Thank goodness for the rain! Even though it was humid, it was MUCH more bearable then 104, like yesterday!

We pulled out at noon, Tony with the trailer and me and the kitties in the car.

Eileen at Bluebird RV Park

Eileen at Bluebird RV Park (sign and office in the background!)

Heading out to I-20

I stopped and picked up food, and met Tony at home. We ate, unloaded Mammoth and took her back to storage. I'm not sure when our next trip will be, but we'll be back in Canton in October at Mill Creek Ranch for the North Texas Chapter Rally.

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Still too hot and exploring East Texas

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Well, we didn't get moving fast enough this morning to get out to the trade days. I think the long week had finally caught up with us. Both of us slept later than normal, and even the kitties slept in.

Tony cooked a wonderful breakfast of French toast and sausage, using our griddle. This works much better than trying them one at a time in a pan on the stove.

After breakfast we began investigating to broken pipe issue, and while I showered Tony tracked the odor... It's still coming in somewhere. But we narrowed it down to definitely a venting of the grey bathroom tank issue, not related to the AC or fantastic fan.

While we were working on that problem, the power-outages started again, and they became more frequent. About 10:30 Tony decided to go to the office to see what could be done. What's happening is that there is enough of a power fluctuation that our Electricity Management System is shutting down the power to the coach, as a precaution. It then takes 2 minutes to reset and open the connection again. When it happens more then 3 times within the hour, it starts to become annoying and the AC has a harder time trying to keep the rig cool!

So he went up to the office and they immediately seemed concerned. The office manager came to our site and checked, as we as a few other sites, and said yes the power was running high. She said she'd have her husband check and she'd call the power company, because apparently we were not the first to express concerns.

After a while there was a knock
And she told us the power company was aware and was looking into it. About an hour or so later, she came back by to say that they were working on a transformer down the road that was having issues and hoped to have it resolved soon. After that, we felt much better, it's good to know we helped. And sure enough, they said the same! They gave us a nice mug and a gift certificate, for helping them with the power. :)

In the afternoon, we decided to head over to see a state park we'd considered staying at but didn't know much about: Purtis Creek State Park. It was about a 30 min drive south of Canton.

We renewed our State Park Pass, then drove around the park's day use area, then over the earth dam to the camping areas. The park has some extensive areas of fire damage. I think it was a controlled burn, but it sure doesn't look all too attractive. We drove around the RV section, which is all back-ins and 30amp water and electric only. We didn't see any big 5vers there. Some small and medium, but mostly travel trailers, pop-ups and tent campers. I think we'll have to pass on this park. I'm glad we came and looked first!

After exploring, we headed back to Canton and stopped in to WalMart for some drinks and to check out their RV section. They had more than the typical, probably because of the high concentration of RVers here every month for trade days.

In the hunting and fishing section, we saw Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty! Ok, not really, but the guy could've been a relative.

After Walmart, we picked up some Dairy Queen steak finger baskets and headed back home. It's just too darn hot!!

We ate and settled in to watch a movie. After the movie, we surfed our phones, then headed off to bed.

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To hot to do too much

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Today Tony had orchestra practice so he wasn't back until after 1, but he brought us Baker's BBQ and fried pies! We ate lunch and rested, then decided to go exploring Canton. We drove around and saw lots of the huge trade-days set-up... Pavilions and booths all over the place, as well as large parking areas and RVs galore. It was close to 5 when we were out and many folks were leaving. It was 104* after all!

After we'd explored for a while (driving, we didn't actually stop and look), we stopped by Val's Italian downtown on the square and ordered a pizza. We drove around a bit until it was ready and got it to go. We went home and enjoyed our pizza, then settled in for a movie. Not an exciting day, but a fairly relaxing one.

If we go to the trade days, it will be tomorrow before it gets too hot.

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