Friday, January 22, 2016

A contender from Heartland

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Well, we are settling in to our new location just fine. It's very dark here at night, so I ordered some battery-powered motion sensing path lights. They really help!

We also got a new 9x12 outdoor mat for around the steps. We liked having this at our previous site, and it really cuts down on what you track into the rig on your shoes. Our previous may succumbed to a wild wind one night and tore away from its stakes. It had been chaffing on the rough gravel for a while, so it was time to retire it. 

The day today and real reason for the post was a trip to the Ft. Worth RV show at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. We headed out about 9:15 and stopped along the way to eat. 

Parking was $15! Ouch! And tickets are up from last year, with a coupon for $2 off they were $11 each. We explored the dealership with Heartlands first, seeing the latest in Gateway and Cyclone, and then our favorites, Bighorn, Big Country, and Landmark. Though the Landmark they had was an early 2016, and things have changed since it was built. 

We were most impressed with the Big Country line. The wood was the perfect color, and I liked the choices of flooring, window treatments, furniture style and other decor. Some things weren't perfect, but easily changed. 

They changed the floorplan in the bathroom to now incorporate a two-door access, from the bedroom and the hallway, while also having a large shower. 

We really liked many of the new features they are offering now as well: Whisper Quiet AC, which means the AC units do not protrude into the living area, transferring noises. They are also ducted together, so they can work together to cool the rig. Also the option of a built-in two burner induction cooktop in place of a standard propane gas stove. As previously posted, we've recently discovered induction cooking and love it!
Another new feature that had me steering away from Big Country without it was the separate slide controls.  Without this a single slide button opened all slides. Now, they can be selectively operated.

We looked very hard at the new 4010RD floorplan, and felt it was the best for all our needs/wants, including modifying one of the slides into an office space. We'll be talking about this in the future, I bet! 

Tony and I like this plan, the BC 4010RD (rear den).

After looking at the Heartlands, we walked around some more and saw a few other brands, but nothing to compare to Heartland. 

We headed out and went to a nearby Mi Cocina for dinner, since we had a gift card we got for Christmas. It was right next to a Container Store, so we went in there hunting some storage for my makeup in the medicine cabinet. Of course we had to look at everything else, too!

We then headed home. 

A great day, and lots of fun!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Home to a new Home

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Today we got up and started getting ready to go. It took us a while, since we didn't do anything to get ready last night after our party. 

Eileen at Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park, Terrell, TX

We were ready to go about 11:30, and I brought sandwiches along (leftovers from the party) to eat. We didn't get too far down the road when we decided to stop at Bucee's one last time before we left town. We ate our lunch in the parking lot, thrn I went in for a quick restroom break and of course some shopping. ;)

We got back on the road and made good time, getting to Wild Country RV Resort about 3pm. Tony had called ahead so the owner had blocked off a spot for us, the spot we liked in a previous visit. 

We got set up fairly easily, and while completing some final tasks, the owner came by to settle up with us. 

Our site viewed from higher ground. 

Our site viewed from lower ground.

The lighted, two-sided sign at the edge of the park, viewable from Spur 490.

Since it was getting about dinner time once we were done, we decided to go to Eastland to get our mail and get some dinner. Where else, but Mexican food! We ate great fajitas at La Hacienda, my new favorite Mexican food in the area. 

After dinner we returned to the park. Man, it's very dark here! We did see a rabbit run away as we pulled around to our site. Our first "wild" life!

The park is on a hill overlooking I-20, and you can see the lights of Eastland behind our rig. Pretty!

Eastland in the distance.

Tony went to bed about 9:30pm, and around 10pm I was startled by what seemed like very close fireworks! Two very loud bangs, with the sound of crackling afterwards. It woke Tony too, so we went outside to see/hear where it was coming from. We didn't see or hear any more. Ok! Well, I guess they were celebrating "2 more in the park" ?!!

Of course, this made it harder for me to go to sleep! Haha! Always a challenge the first night in a new place, anyway. 

Regardless, I think we are really going to like it here, it seems pretty quiet and I love the more natural surroundings. 

Merry Happy Christmas New Anniversary Year!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Happy Anniversary to us! Merry Christmas with family!

Today, we got up and finished making plans for the Christmas get-together with Tony's folks, my folks, Tony's brother and sister and her boyfriend. 

We had made arrangements with the park to use their clubhouse. It worked out great! Everyone brought too much food, as usual, but we enjoyed visiting, card-playing, shooting pool and visiting, and of course the gift exchange. 

Everyone brought a gift to exchange, and had fun stealing them until the end of the game and we all opened them. Lots of unique ideas! Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts. 

We also celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, and shared cookies that Cynthia had made especially for us.

As time approached for the end of our get-together, we cleaned up our food and such and eventually said goodbye to our family. We really enjoyed our stay and getting to visit. 

We pack up tomorrow and head back to Cisco, to a new park. Wild Country RV Resort, between Cisco & Eastland.

Behind on the Blog

Monday December 27-Thursday December 31, 2015

Well, sorry I got behind on the blog. We really didn't do anything of note during this time, except some things we don't get to do in Eastland County...

We got the tires rotated at Discount Tire, where we bought the tires, so it's free. Did some shopping at the Mall, and had dinner with my folks. Went and saw Star Wars -- The Force Awakens, for the second time, and Tony ran into old friend from his street growing up. Went to Costco, for bulk items. Looked at recliner love seats at La-z-boy. Wow, they are nice! Got some new jeans and shirts for Tony. Got propane refilled at the park -- put out your tank, and they pick it up and deliver it filled! Also ate at variety of our favorites in the area: Shipley's Donuts, Pop's Honey Fried Chicken, Braum's, Krispy Kreme, Cane's Chicken Fingers, and El Chico! I guess you can take us away from the places to eat in the city, but you can't take the cravings to eat away from us. 

When we get back to Cisco, we are going to get back on track -- eating and exercising. We just have to!! 

Here's a pic of our site and the park.