Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Family" time and RV Show

Well, this is an entry not about our travels, but sort of!

Saturday, September 10th

Today we got up early and drove to Canton, Tx to attend the Heartland Owners Club North Texas Rally. Even though we didn't tow our rig, we missed seeing our Heartland "Family", so away we went! 

We met them at the ExploreUSA between Canton and Wills Point- they were sponsoring lunch for us that day, and letting us look around at all the new coaches, including the redesign of the Oakmont, rebranded at BigHorn Traveler. 

We had a good time looking at coached and visiting with folks.

After that we went and checked into  the local Motel 6, took a brief nap, went by and got our "potluck" item (Fried Pies from Bakers Ribs) then headed over to visit with everyone at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. 

We sat outside and visited with folks, also watched fellow Heartlanders work on a member's coach that had an issue, until time for the potluck. 

At the potluck we had a good time visiting with more folks, and participating in the "brown bag white elephant". Everyone was to bring "something they no longer want" in a brown bag, as a gift. The gifts were numbered, and everyone got a random number. It was great fun to see how some items were random stuff, some were gag gifts, and some were useful to someone and not to others. There was some trading of items also at the end. We are definitely going to consider this for our rally!

After that, we went over to the Moses' rig for more visiting, until about 10:15, when we decided to head to the hotel for the night. 

Sunday, Sept. 11

We headed back over to the park for continental breakfast. Many folks were staying on another day, so we got to visit some more. We missed getting it see some folks that left, but we were glad we stopped in to say goodbye to many. We left about 10:30am to head back to home. 

We stopped in at Bucees for fuel, then hit the road. We also decided since we didn't have rig or cats to stop in at Camping World in Burleson. We picked up a few things we needed like a new water hose, a vent cover and some caulk.

We got home about 3ish, and the kitties we're glad to see us! 

All in all, a fun time.

Saturday, Sept 17th 

Due to strong storms the night before, Tony's football game was cancelled before it got started so he was home by 9:450pm! We had talked about going to the Southwest RV Supershow at Market Hall in Dallas this weekend, but didn't know what day. We decided to go on Saturday, so Sunday we could take it easy.

We got going about 11:00, and stopped in Weatherford to eat. We got to the RV show about 1:30, and had a good time looking at Heartland products, talking to reps, salespeople and people touring the rigs. 

We left about 5:00 to head home, and stopped at MiCocina in Ft Worth to eat diner. The sun was setting making seeing the exit difficult, and we missed our exit. We took the next one and tried to cut back to the highway, but soon found ourselves in a "not so good-looking" neighborhood, which included an old run-down convenience store that was now a "HipHop R Us" clothing store, with hand lettered sign. I guess it's good to know where a "HipHop R Us" is located in case we need some attire in the future, lol!

We made it back to the highway and to our destination, and had a wonderful meal. We miss MiCocina's style of Mexican food, so it was extra yummy, especially after a long day of driving and walking around the convention center! 

We got home about 9:00pm. Another fun (RV related) time! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labored Days

Friday, September 2

Since Tony had an "away" football game, I stayed home to work on prepping the rig for tomorrow.  We plan to go to Terrell, to visit family and do some shopping. Tony got home from the game about 2am!

Saturday, September 3

This morning, we were a little slow to get going, but we were ready to go by 11:15 and hit the road to the metroplex. We stopped for lunch at DQ Restaurant, then continued on. We had talked about stopping at the Blue Beacon to get the truck and rig washed, but figured the Weatherford location would be pretty busy. As we drove by, I looked over and saw it really wasn't! So we exited and went back, and did not have to even wait! First time, ever! They did a really good job.

After the wash we continued on. There were quite a few rvs on the road, along with lots of folks moving. We passed these folks, I guess they got a good deal on a Labor Day Mattress sale! It was quite scary, the wind was catching and pulling the mattresses into the air. It looked like it was going to bust the rope at any time.

We were also slowed about 10 minutes from our exit due to a wreck. We got to Bluebonnet Ridge about 3:15pm. One of the nice things is they give you fresh cookies when you arrive! We ate our cookies and got set up pretty quickly. 

Tony laid down on the bed while we tried to cool off, and promptly fell asleep. 

After a nap, we got up and decided to head over to the outlet mall for shoes, then went to eat Mexican food. We ran in to BigLots and Brookshires for a few things, then headed back to the rig. A busy first day!!

Sunday, September 4th

Today, we got up and met Tony's folks for lunch. Then we went to Rockwall for some more shopping. We also went by our storage units. I got a replacement monitor for my desk -- one that is much lighter, runs cooler, and has a better resolution. We then headed to Mesquite, and went to Harbor Freight for a few items, and then met my folks for dinner. We had a good visit.

After dinner, we headed back to Terrell, and did a little driving around town to see our old neighborhood and see how town had changed some since we moved away in 2015.

We got home about 8:00, Tony watched a little tv while I set up my monitor, and went to bed. Another packed day!

Monday, September 5th (Labor Day)

Today we got up and going fairly quickly, and started getting ready to go. However, Tony needed fuel, so we decided to go over to Bucees to get fuel and look around a bit.

Things you see at Bucees!

 1.5 hours later, we got back to the rig, ate our Bucees sandwhiches and started packing up. 

Tony was outside when some Heartland Owners Forum folks dropped by to say hi. They are waiting to take delivery on their new Landmark. We didn't get to visit long, but glad to meet them!

Eileen and our new wooden sign at Bliebonnet Ridge RV Resort.

We pulled out about 2pm, and headed home. We had some traffic around 175, where there had been an accident. 

The road back home was busy, but not too bad. We pulled in about 4:30 and got set back up. Tony went and got us food, while we waited for the rig to get cooler. 

We ate dinner and crashed in front of the tv for a while. I had some work to do, so I did that while Tony headed to bed.

Glad to be home again, but trip was way too short. We "Labored our Days" a lot more than rested for our 3-day weekend!