Monday, March 30, 2015

It's over? Already??

Sunday, March 29th

Today, we were slow to get moving. Tony got dressed and went to the rally hall to see about the continental breakfast. He said there were very few folks there, and most of the food was gone, so he came back. 

We had breakfast, then began to get ready to go. Booo! We just got here! Oh well, not as much time to spread out. We got all packed up and pulled out about 11:30. Josh and Farrah were just ahead of us, but they went left while we went right on I-20. 

We decided to get the rig weighed, since I was concerned about how heavy we were for our long trip coming this summer. We weighed, then unhitched the trailer and reweighed to get the pin weight. 

Once that was done and paid for, we decided to go ahead and get Food before we headed out again. 

The ride home was uneventful, and we were back and set up at Lake Leon by 3. It was a good Rally, but it was sad to see it come and go so quickly. 

We forgot to get Eileen's picture! Whoops! 

Rally catching up

Saturday, March 28
Today, we got up and got over to the Rally hall for breakfast, provided by the club. It was very good-- scrambled eggs, Sausage, bacon, and biscuits with gravy or preserves, and yogurt. 

It looked like lots of folks were there. We ended up visiting with a few folks, then decided to head back for a walk around the park. We came upon Josh & Farrah, enjoying the patio feature of their Road Warrior Toyhauler. They invited us to join them, so we did. That patio is pretty cool!

We visited for a while till it got a little toasty, so we went inside and visited more. After a while we realized we were getting hungry, so we parted ways. 

I made my mother-in-law's fruit salad for the potluck, then we decided to drive somewhere to eat. We had not been to Santo proper, so we went exploring. Santo is very small, not much there and no real place to eat, so we went back to the interstate. We ended up eating fajita tacos at Stripes, then going to Gilbert's Pecans to browse. We picked up a few sweet treats there, drove out to see the huge rocking chair at Natty Flats, got fuel and then headed home. 

Rocking chair seen from window behind Tony. 

Once we returned, we hung out in the rig a bit and I drifted off for a quick nap, while Tony went and visited folks.

Just before the potluck, I texted him and he returned so we could gather our stuff and head to the Rally Hall. 

They had a group picture, then we got in line to enjoy our potluck. 

The attendees

We enjoyed the food and more visiting, then we went for a walk around the park again. We stopped and talked to a few folks, then Debbie B asked to see our rig. We took her to see Mammoth, then we walked around some more. 

We stopped and visited some with Steve & Janet, whom we met back in 2010, in Arizona! They are still living in this park. We saw them last year when we were here for the NTX Rally. They are great folks. 

After that we walked over and saw Josh & Farah and the kids with their campfire going, they were making s'mores with Peeps. 

It was a nice night, but we were getting tired. We headed home and to bed not soon after. 

Ready to Rally!

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Yesterday, I traveled from home out to Lake Leon to join Tony for our trip to Santo, Tx, and Coffee Creek RV Park for the Heartland Owners Club North Texas Chapter Rally.

Tony took the day off, so we work up, ate and started getting ready for the trip. Since Mammoth hadn't moved since July, there was quite a bit to figure out "where to put it for travel?"

It took us about 3 hours to prep to leave, where before would have taken about an hour. We pulled out about 11:30.  

Once down I-20 a bit, we pulled into a rest area to check tires and such, then decided to make sandwiches and eat lunch. Our plan was to go past Santo to Wetherford to get a wash at the Blue Beacon. 

Well, upon our arrival at the Blue Beacon, we discovered a really long wait!  There were at least 8 rigs in front of us waiting, so we decided to skip it and head on to Santo.

We arrived and got set up, then walked around the park and visited with friends and met new ones. About 5:30 we decided to go get some food, and decided on Dairy Queen, not to far from the park. Upon arrival we saw some other Heartland friends, and they asked us to join them. We had a nice time visiting with Pam, Dan, Walter and his wife. 

Mammoth set up in site 7
Our view of other Rally attendees

After we returned to the park, at 7pm was the meet and greet. We ate ice cream and heard about eat of the attendees, where they were from, etc. it was nice to see new faces along with some old friends. We had a nice time visiting.
The meet and greet

After that, some folks decided to play dominoes, but we were pretty tired so we headed home. It had been a long busy day! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The party's not over!

Well, I haven't posted in a while because we haven't gone anywhere in a loooong while. Sad to say, the Mammoth has been in one place since July! Crazy! She has been doing quite well as a residence, however, and she has lots of neighbors now as well. Right around December the park started filling up with rvs... They were pipeline workers, following their work. The park was completely full once January came around. 

Tony went back to Mammoth and work after the holidays, while I stayed at our home to do some projects. Somehow, a month flew by, and it was March! 

We are still having cold snaps, and one evening, Tony noticed the lights were getting dimmer. The party's not over, why are the lights going out?? 

After some investigation with park management, they determined it was probably the converter not working correctly. 

Tony hooked up a battery charger to get through the next few days -- they were having wintry mix, and temps in the 20s and 30s. He was finally able to test things and deduce the charger was struggling with the battery as well -- not holding a charge more then a few hours -- so I ordered a new converter on Amazon, and he finally got out once roads were clear and got a new battery and a new battery charger. Those held up to keep everything working until the converter arrived and he had time to install.

Luckily, with our sliding door mod, it made getting to everything relatively simple. Once the new converter was installed, everything worked perfectly! 

New converter