Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Belated Birthday, dodging crazies

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Today we got up and dressed, and started prepping the rig to head home. We then headed to Rockwall, where we planned to meet Tony's folks for lunch. We ran a few errands in town and then met them. We celebrated Tony's mom's Birthday, which was a few days before.

After lunch, we headed over to the storage unit and bagged up the remaining trash, loaded all we could in the cab, and headed back to the park.  (First stopping at Bucee's for diesel.) We dropped off our trash at the rv park's dumpsters.

We had specifically asked for a late checkout, so we were not dawdling. We got home and had very little to do to get ready to pull out. We had told the park 2-3pm, and we actually left at 2:52pm!

We stopped at Bucee's for fuel for the car, then continued on. Shortly after merging with 635 traffic on I-20, we encountered the crazies! Drivers and even a pedestrian doing stupid stuff! (A guy ran across 4 lanes of traffic, to the center median!)

Luckily once you get out of the DFW metroplex it gets much less crazy. We pulled into our spot about 6:30pm, and easily got set up again. Glad to be home!

Storage Wars

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Today we got up and got dressed, and had planned to go get donuts. But Tony discovered the park was hosting breakfast for just $5 a person, so we decided to do that, instead. We had a great cateeed breakfast with sausage, bacon, Belgian waffles, pancakes, and fruit. It was very good!

After breakfast we headed out to our units. Tony had some items in the truck and I had the couch. We first cleared Sapir for the couch, and put it in place. We pulled out the bike stuff to take with us.

Then we went to the outside unit, and got the bikes, along with the carriers and a few other things.

The. We worked another hours or so to clean up the mess from fallen broken boxes of paperwork. Sadly, this unit has evidence of rodents! So we had to do some cleaning as well. This means war!!

I got too overheated as the morning wore on, so we stopped about 11:15 and decided to come back to get the trash to dispose of. The storage place does not have trash disposal for renters, so we'd have to haul it out somewhere. With the bikes and such loaded in the vehicles already, we really didn't have room for it anyway.

We left and got back to the rig and ate lunch, showered and collapsed for a bit. Then we went to eat with my folks in Mesquite. It was good to see them!!

After dinner we ran to Tractor Supply to get some rodent repellant for the unit, then went home and watched Rangers baseball for a bit. We were pretty tired and hit the hay pretty quick.

Quick trip for Storage Stuff

Friday, April 7, 2017

Today I packed up the rig and had it nearly ready to go when Tony got off work. We decided to head to Terrell for the weekend, so we could do some work at our storage units in Rockwall. We knew our non-climate controlled unit had some failing boxes, so we planned to consolidate and repack some of those. We also brought the couch that we removed from our rig last year, so we could store it in a climate controlled unit. -- it had been in our unit in Cisco, but we have been culling some of that stuff down, and felt this would be a good time to move it. We stuffed it (in pieces) into my small SUV,  and I followed Tony to Terrell.

We pulled out about 4pm. We had some slowdown around Santo, where they were doing some road patching, and had the lane narrowed from two to one. Sadly, we also came upon a wreck that had just happened. It looked like someone didn't see the construction traffic had slowed, and a Dually pickup slammed into the back of another pickup. There was extensive damage, but the cans of the tricks looked unscathed. People were out and walking around, with one person sitting on the ground. Highway patrol had just arrived, so hopefully they could be taken care of quickly.

We stopped for dinner in Weatherford at the Whataburger. There is a large gravel parking lot not far from it, so Tony headed there and I went into the drive through. As he was making a turn, he went over the curb a bit with the last trailer wheel.

I got our food and headed to the parking lot. Tony was in the rig, and some slides were out. I met him at the door, and he told me the microwave had come open and our turntable plate had fallen and shattered! Not only that, it fell on the induction cooktop and cracked it! :-(

So we ate our dinner, then went back on the rig and cleaned up he broken glass. Then we got back on the road again. In Arlington, we got another heart-pumping experience. A small car was zipping too fast in the far left lane, when he encountered slowing traffic. He slammed on his brakes, started skidding, overcorrected, and slammed into the center concrete barrier. Luckily, he didn't bounce back into traffic! Tony was slightly ahead of this incident, and I was slightly behind. We weren't in any danger, but you just hate to see that happen. The driver was fine, as I looked in the side mirror he got out of the car and seemed to already be on his phone. Hope he wasn't on it during!

We got to Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park in Terrell about 7:30pm, and got set up. It was definitely warmer and more humid here!

Tomorrow, we start our chores.