Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home Away from Home

August, 2014

From August 1st through the 10th, 2014, The kitties and I were able to spend time with Tony at Lake Leon. I worked at home in the Mammoth, while he had band camp.

Here's a few pictures:

Lake Leon. Wow what a view!

Down by the lake, at sunset, with my sweetie.

Dusk falls on the RVs of Solid Rock RV Park

Mambo and Tango overseeing the creative process.

Tango enjoys a nap with a view.

Our site and the lake, just down that road about 200 yards

Opposite side of the park, looking back toward the premium back in sites.

Mambo "helping" me work.

For those of you who have never heard of the Cisco Loboes, they were the 2A Div. 2 State Champions in football last year. A long-standing nickname of the school is the "Big Dam Loboes".  Click here for the history. We drove out to see the famous Williamson Dam at Cisco Lake. Very interesting! Some more information on the dam and World's Largest Concrete Swimming Pool. More info and vintage photos, here.

Williamson Dam on Lake Cisco, built in 1923, the largest "hollow concrete" dam in the world at the time. 

I have to periodically return to our "sticks and bricks" home for work, so I never know exactly where I'll be.

Expect fewer posts as we won't be getting to travel for a little while! If you are passing through the area on I-20, give us a shout! Solid Rock usually has sites available.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mammoth goes to Lake Leon

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today was a "moving day" of sorts for us, as Mammoth is headed to a new resting spot for a while. Tony has a new job, and Mammoth is going to be our "home away from home" as Tony lives out the life of a band director in Cisco, TX.  I'll be traveling back and forth as work requires, but the plan is that Solid Rock RV Park, near Eastland Texas, on the shore of Lake Leon, is our main abode.

We're still holding onto our house because we want to make sure this job goes smoothly. We also wanted to give ourselves plenty of opportunity to look for a new house, or whatever works best for us, in the future, since we are unfamiliar with this area... and give us time to clean out the clutter and prep our home for sale accordingly. (We have a number of unfinished "projects" there, too.)

On Sunday, we loaded up the Mammoth and car and headed to Solid Rock. We opted not to take the kitties this trip, as I was going to be going back home the next day for some work commitments.

We had already checked in with the manager at Solid Rock, so he knew we were coming. Our site we picked out was the same one we had visited back the first part of June, when the job interview took place. We liked the views out the windows, and our neighbors seemed to be pretty quiet. It's also two sites over from a small bathhouse, should we need it.

We arrived about 1pm, and got set up. We took our time to try to get the rig level and stabilized, since it's going to be here a while. The park management had added some more gravel and leveled the site better, so that really helped. We didn't have too much trouble getting settled in.

Not long after we got set up, we had to head to Covington, TX. The Cisco head director and his wife had invited us over for steaks and to visit, so we headed out about 3. We have known Mac and Kathy a long time, and have kept in touch through the years. We nearly always see Mac at the band director's conventions in San Antonio, so this we like getting together with dear old friends! They live in Covington, but Mac has been staying in an RV for his work in Cisco. It was just more cost-effective for them. They have a great place with acreage and cattle, and it's paid for, so it's hard to pull up roots.

We thought it was about a 2 hour drive, but we managed to miss a split in the highways in Cleburne, and ended up having to cut back cross-country to get where we needed to go.

We arrived about 5:40, and had a great time visiting and eating (everything was terrific!), then playing some Chickenfoot. It reminded us of getting together with our Heartland friends, it just felt great!  We stayed too late talking, it was a great time. We had to hit the road to get home (to Mammoth), so we decided to cut over to the interstate.

It was much quicker to go I-35W north, then I-20 east. We got home about midnight. Wow, what a day!