Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Odds and ends

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Well, we haven't been anywhere, but I see its been over a month since I last posted, so I thought I'd just mention some things. 

We were not having efficient cooling with our AC in the living area, so I spent some days with my laser thermometer, a room thermometer, wind meter app, the iPhone camera, some insulation board and some metal duct tape to help make our ACs run more efficient.

We closed off the duct run just past the last vent at the rear of the coach, and the last vent at the front of the coach. 

We also separated the two units by closing off the duct just past the bathroom vent, and just past the kitchen vent, so that each AC has a shorter run for their specific duct system. 

We set up some Vornado fans to help circulate the air better. 

I also changed out the vents throughout, to ones without intrusion into the duct, and they have less angled fins, so more air comes downward from the vent, as opposed to blowing sideways. 

New vent.

Old vent. 

Originally, I was only going to change the outflow vents, and leave the intake vents. But the old and new are slightly different styles, and slightly different colors, one shows the screws the other doesn't, and my OCD would not have it. I switched them all to the new style.

With the testing I did before and after we increased the speed of air coming out the living room vents by nearly 3 times. 

The room would struggle to stay at 80 when the outdoor temp got 80 or above. Now, we've had it as low as 75! And then  I get goosebumps! So I think we have figured it out. July and August will be the true test, though. 

Another mod we did was to add a holdback on the basement door where the UDC is. 

This will keep it from slamming on us in the wind! 

We received our replacement light and globe from Heartland for the dining fixture that shattered, back on March 31. We installed the globe on the existing fixture, now that we have the proper parts I think it will be fine! 

One new product I bought recently I want to share is called "Bugs N All". It does wonders on black streaks and bug splats. We did some work on the truck and in the front cap of the coach, as well as some other areas we could reach from the ground. I think this is going to work better than the Camco stuff!

We are looking forward to some trips this summer, I'll post another entry when those happen!