Monday, November 28, 2016

Trip to visit and Upgrades

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

I've been working in Dallas for a customer, so Sunday I was back home to help Tony pack up the Mammoth to head to visit family.

We pulled out about 1:20pm, and I followed in the SUV. The trip was uneventful, thank goodness. We each listened to an exciting Dallas Cowboys football game on the radio.

We got to the park about 4:30, and got set up. Originally, we had planned to depart on Thursday because we anticipated the Cisco Loboes would advance in the football playoffs another week and we would be heading to a game Friday. Well, unfortunately, the Loboes were defeated, and now our Friday was free to stay longer. We talked to the park about extending our stay,  but we couldn't at the moment due to another guest that was having rig problems and could not move on yet. Hopefully, that would change, and they would let us know if it did.

Set up at Bluebonnet Ridge RV Resort, Terrell, TX

After setting up, I had to get back to the place I've been staying so I could get some work done for my freelance customers, so I left (it's about a 45 min drive away from the RV park.)

Monday, Nov. 21st to Wednesday Nov. 23, 2016

These days I was working, so Tony was left to his own devices. 

We bought a Toilet from another Heartlander in Oregon, about a month ago. Why, you ask? Who would buy a used toilet??? Well, it wasn't actually USED. PJ had bought it and tried to install it, only to find out he could not because the flange on the floor was too close to the wall for the new toilet to fit. He tried to sell it for a few months, with no takers. He even hauled it from Oregon to Las Vegas, NV for the Heartland Owners Club Rally, but had no takers. He dropped the price from $225 down to $200, then $175, then $150, to $100... So I decided to take him up on it. Even with shipping, I would definitely come out ahead. However, our trusty Heartland family came through... Nancy and Dave were returning from the rally, and they had room to fit it in. So it came with them back to Texas. Nancy and Dave stopped off in Cisco and dropped it off. We just have not had time to install it yet. 

But why change out a 10-month-old toilet? Well, if you recall, we switched out our toilet on the ElkRidge in July before we sold it in January. This is the same toilet. The Dometic 320, which is a more residential style and shape. Our original toilet in this rig was a Thetford, and they are known for developing leaks or sticking valves that can cause floods. Plus, the plastic seat was already starting to mis-shape . We considered pulling our  Dometic 320 from the ElkRidge and swapping it when we traded, but decided to wait and see if we liked the standard one. We did not!

We brought the toilet along with us from Cisco (we had been storing it in our  storage building), and Tony set out to find parts needed to connect the water line. We wanted to do a flexible hose, since the location of the original toilet connection was different from this one. He went to Home Depot and the local plumbing supply, and thought he had what he needed. However, once dry-fitting the pieces, he felt the connections were not secure. So he opted to reuse the connection from the previous, and use some Sharkbite elbows to reposition the connection. We also added a cut-off valve, for a "just in case" scenario.

Tuesday, Tony spent the day with his dad, so no toilet work this day!

Wednesday, the toilet install was completed.

It fits perfectly! See how close it is to the wall? PJ, who sold us the toilet, was not able to fit the toilet there because the floor flange was too close to the wall in his Bighorn.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Heartland Camp-Out

Wednesday, September 28th

Since Tony did not have a football game this week, we planned to have a Heartland "Camp-Out" for our Heartland family. A Camp-out is far less "scheduled" than a rally, with no set events.

Since many of the "usual suspects" would be on their way to the National Rally in Las Vegas, we did not expect a large turnout. I reserved 5 extra sites at Lake Brownwood State Park.

We had 3 other couples plan to attend, plus one that had to back out a week before due to health issues.

We originally planned for arrival on Thursday, but realized all the others would likely get there before us. So we instead planned to get there on Wednesday, after school. One other couple also decided to arrive on Wednesday.

We decided since Tony would have to drive back and forth for two days, we'd also take my car, so I would not be stranded there.

Luckily, the workload today was not too bad, and I had the rig ready to go when Tony got home. We got on the road about 5PM, and got to the park about 5:45.

Tony towing the BC Mammoth

Tony  towing the BC Mammoth

Ted and Dee were already there, but they were out and about when we arrived. They got back about the time we were almost finished setting up outside.

We visited a bit, then decided to eat and visit tomorrow, since we were all tired from the drive.

Thursday,  September 29th

Today, Tony headed off to work at dark-thirty, and I got up about 7:30 and got dressed and set out our wooden sign and the Heartland banner. 

Then I visited briefly with Ted, and then went to work (in our rig.) Luckily the park  had good AT&T 4GLTE coverage. There was a  Park provided free wifi available, but I could not get it to work with my secure router, so I just used my own device.

I worked until about noon, ate lunch, and went out and visited a bit more. About 1:30, Jeff and Lisa arrived, and so we welcomed them and let them get set up. Back to work I went.

About 3:30, Malcolm and Val arrived, so again, I went out to say hi and let them get settled, then back to work.

Tony got home about 5:30, and we ate, then went out to visit with folks. We all gathered around Ted & Dee's where they had a fire going. There was a gorgeous sunset, and we took a few pics from Jeff & Lisa's site.  It was really nice!

Panorama from the backside of Jeff & Lisa's site


enjoying the warmth of the fire (it was a little chilly!)

visiting around the glow of the campfire

One thing we noticed out here at Lake Brownwood State Park was how bright the stars were! Malcolm took this long exposure pic, and shared with us.

Friday, September 30th

Today Tony again left to go to work, and between my own work I visited with folks throughout the day, off and on. 

The weather was perfect for this Camp-out! Highs in the 80s, and lows in the 60s.

Most folks took time to explore the area and/or run errands, go fishing, go hiking, etc.

pics of the attendees 

My view while I work

Cats getting to look out the screen door, thanks to the wonderful weather!

Friday night, we agreed to get together to cook out and have a potluck. Everyone brought something to grill or eat -- we had plenty of food including monster cookie dip, cake balls, burgers and hot dogs, dips, chips and potato salad, just to name a few. We had  a good meal, and hung out visiting until about 8pm.

Having a great meal with great Heartlanders!

(Ted took these two pics, I borrowed them.)

Not a great pic, but everyone was sitting under Ted's canopy, lighted with rope lights.

Saturday, October 1st

Today, we got up and got moving, started visiting with folks about 10. We planned to gather at 11:15 to head in to the town of  Brownwood, to eat at Underwood's BBQ/Cafeteria. Started in the 30s, this restaurant is a family run business that feels like stepping back in time. It is cafeteria style, with all the veggies and cobbler and rolls you can eat! YUM! I always get full and never go back for seconds. 

Caravan to the restaurant in Brownwood -- our SUV, 2 Duallies and a motorcycle.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we had a great time visiting some more.

After lunch, we all went our own way to explore or go back to the park. Tony and I ran some errands, then went back to the park. 

I did some work, Tony took a nap. We went out and did some more visiting, and decided to take our group picture while there was still daylight. Thanks to Malcolm and his camera, tripod and timer!

We all decided to do their own dinner. No one was really overly hungry after the large lunch!

We had a knock at the door a little after we had finished eating, and it was Malcolm and Valerie with a jump drive holding the pics Malcolm had taken. We sat and talked for a while so I could copy the images over,  then we decided to look around to see if anyone else was outside. 

Ted had a fire going, but we found them on Jeff & Lisa's back deck visiting. We all joined them, each couple telling more Heartland and travel stories. About 9, we all decided to head home. We all have to pack up and get going  tomorrow.

Sunday, October 2nd

Today, we got going fairly quickly since we knew folks would be leaving and wanted to say our last good-byes.

About 9:30, we went out to visit with folks that were packing up and we made sure to visit with all of them before they hit the road throughout the morning. We were the last to pack up, as we didn't have as far to go. We ate lunch, then We ran up to the Park office and renew our Texas Parks Pass, since it expired in September, and it was now October. (They could not renew it before it expired!)

Eileen at Lake Brownwood State Park, Brownwood, TX

A view of our Torklift Glowstep Revolution steps, which were a big hit with folks that came to see our rig.

We hit the road about 1:30, and made it back about 2:30. We had no issues getting back into our exact position and setting up.Before extending the slides,   we put our new tire covers on the tires and also the valve extension on the spare, so we can check the air in it easier.

By the time for the Cowboy game started at 3:35, we were set to watch!

All in all, a great trip to visit our Heartland family, and spend time relaxing at Lake Brownwood State Park.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Family" time and RV Show

Well, this is an entry not about our travels, but sort of!

Saturday, September 10th

Today we got up early and drove to Canton, Tx to attend the Heartland Owners Club North Texas Rally. Even though we didn't tow our rig, we missed seeing our Heartland "Family", so away we went! 

We met them at the ExploreUSA between Canton and Wills Point- they were sponsoring lunch for us that day, and letting us look around at all the new coaches, including the redesign of the Oakmont, rebranded at BigHorn Traveler. 

We had a good time looking at coached and visiting with folks.

After that we went and checked into  the local Motel 6, took a brief nap, went by and got our "potluck" item (Fried Pies from Bakers Ribs) then headed over to visit with everyone at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. 

We sat outside and visited with folks, also watched fellow Heartlanders work on a member's coach that had an issue, until time for the potluck. 

At the potluck we had a good time visiting with more folks, and participating in the "brown bag white elephant". Everyone was to bring "something they no longer want" in a brown bag, as a gift. The gifts were numbered, and everyone got a random number. It was great fun to see how some items were random stuff, some were gag gifts, and some were useful to someone and not to others. There was some trading of items also at the end. We are definitely going to consider this for our rally!

After that, we went over to the Moses' rig for more visiting, until about 10:15, when we decided to head to the hotel for the night. 

Sunday, Sept. 11

We headed back over to the park for continental breakfast. Many folks were staying on another day, so we got to visit some more. We missed getting it see some folks that left, but we were glad we stopped in to say goodbye to many. We left about 10:30am to head back to home. 

We stopped in at Bucees for fuel, then hit the road. We also decided since we didn't have rig or cats to stop in at Camping World in Burleson. We picked up a few things we needed like a new water hose, a vent cover and some caulk.

We got home about 3ish, and the kitties we're glad to see us! 

All in all, a fun time.

Saturday, Sept 17th 

Due to strong storms the night before, Tony's football game was cancelled before it got started so he was home by 9:450pm! We had talked about going to the Southwest RV Supershow at Market Hall in Dallas this weekend, but didn't know what day. We decided to go on Saturday, so Sunday we could take it easy.

We got going about 11:00, and stopped in Weatherford to eat. We got to the RV show about 1:30, and had a good time looking at Heartland products, talking to reps, salespeople and people touring the rigs. 

We left about 5:00 to head home, and stopped at MiCocina in Ft Worth to eat diner. The sun was setting making seeing the exit difficult, and we missed our exit. We took the next one and tried to cut back to the highway, but soon found ourselves in a "not so good-looking" neighborhood, which included an old run-down convenience store that was now a "HipHop R Us" clothing store, with hand lettered sign. I guess it's good to know where a "HipHop R Us" is located in case we need some attire in the future, lol!

We made it back to the highway and to our destination, and had a wonderful meal. We miss MiCocina's style of Mexican food, so it was extra yummy, especially after a long day of driving and walking around the convention center! 

We got home about 9:00pm. Another fun (RV related) time! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labored Days

Friday, September 2

Since Tony had an "away" football game, I stayed home to work on prepping the rig for tomorrow.  We plan to go to Terrell, to visit family and do some shopping. Tony got home from the game about 2am!

Saturday, September 3

This morning, we were a little slow to get going, but we were ready to go by 11:15 and hit the road to the metroplex. We stopped for lunch at DQ Restaurant, then continued on. We had talked about stopping at the Blue Beacon to get the truck and rig washed, but figured the Weatherford location would be pretty busy. As we drove by, I looked over and saw it really wasn't! So we exited and went back, and did not have to even wait! First time, ever! They did a really good job.

After the wash we continued on. There were quite a few rvs on the road, along with lots of folks moving. We passed these folks, I guess they got a good deal on a Labor Day Mattress sale! It was quite scary, the wind was catching and pulling the mattresses into the air. It looked like it was going to bust the rope at any time.

We were also slowed about 10 minutes from our exit due to a wreck. We got to Bluebonnet Ridge about 3:15pm. One of the nice things is they give you fresh cookies when you arrive! We ate our cookies and got set up pretty quickly. 

Tony laid down on the bed while we tried to cool off, and promptly fell asleep. 

After a nap, we got up and decided to head over to the outlet mall for shoes, then went to eat Mexican food. We ran in to BigLots and Brookshires for a few things, then headed back to the rig. A busy first day!!

Sunday, September 4th

Today, we got up and met Tony's folks for lunch. Then we went to Rockwall for some more shopping. We also went by our storage units. I got a replacement monitor for my desk -- one that is much lighter, runs cooler, and has a better resolution. We then headed to Mesquite, and went to Harbor Freight for a few items, and then met my folks for dinner. We had a good visit.

After dinner, we headed back to Terrell, and did a little driving around town to see our old neighborhood and see how town had changed some since we moved away in 2015.

We got home about 8:00, Tony watched a little tv while I set up my monitor, and went to bed. Another packed day!

Monday, September 5th (Labor Day)

Today we got up and going fairly quickly, and started getting ready to go. However, Tony needed fuel, so we decided to go over to Bucees to get fuel and look around a bit.

Things you see at Bucees!

 1.5 hours later, we got back to the rig, ate our Bucees sandwhiches and started packing up. 

Tony was outside when some Heartland Owners Forum folks dropped by to say hi. They are waiting to take delivery on their new Landmark. We didn't get to visit long, but glad to meet them!

Eileen and our new wooden sign at Bliebonnet Ridge RV Resort.

We pulled out about 2pm, and headed home. We had some traffic around 175, where there had been an accident. 

The road back home was busy, but not too bad. We pulled in about 4:30 and got set back up. Tony went and got us food, while we waited for the rig to get cooler. 

We ate dinner and crashed in front of the tv for a while. I had some work to do, so I did that while Tony headed to bed.

Glad to be home again, but trip was way too short. We "Labored our Days" a lot more than rested for our 3-day weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The same, but different -- SA in July

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Today, we packed up and headed to San Antonio for the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention. nearly every year for the past 25 years, Tony heads down to the San Antonio Convention Center in mid/late July to learn from great seminars, see great concerts, hopefully a DCI performance, and view what vendors have for sale in the world of music education. Sometimes I've gone, sometimes I haven't, and a few years, we have taken the trailer down to stay at the San Antonio KOA. This year, we took the our (Mammoth II), the Big Country.

We didn't take a lot of pics this year. It's the same, but different. We left about 1:30PM, arrived at about 6:30PM, and got set up as quick as possible as the temps was close to 100 and very humid!

Our site was right next to a Bighorn, and they were sitting outside. So, close to the end of our chores, Tony stopped and visited with them. Surprisingly, they are from Dumas, TX, which is in our Heartland Owners Club Chapter! He gave them our card and recommended they join us for the upcoming West Texas Chapter Rally. We had a nice chat, before our pizza arrived! (this park has an on-site Hunt Brother's Pizza, and they will deliver to your RV site!)

Luckily, our site had a large tree between us and the afternoon sun, so we managed to get the rig cooled down fairly quickly. I had some work to do, so I went to it. Tony headed to bed about 10PM.

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Today, we got up and got going fairly early, since Tony had to head to the convention center to register and start attending seminars. He caught the bus right outside the park, and only paid $1.30 each way. A lot cheaper than paying for parking downtown!

I worked all day, and the kitties really enjoyed the new sights and sounds out of the windows. Grackles would come around, walking around the sites looking for food. Squirrels ran all about. And, because we were close to the very back of the site to allow room for the truck in front, we were very close to folks out walking dogs, kids riding peddle-bikes, and more.

After his seminars were done about 5:30PM, Tony took the bus he thought would bring him back to the park, but turns out it was the wrong bus #24. He was finally transferred to the right bus, and when he FINALLY got home from convention and hour later than planned, we ate, collapsed and watched tv for a bit, then I went back to working and he went to bed.

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Today was the same but different, I worked and Tony conventioned. We had planned to get together with his folks and sister that were also coming to town to watch the Drum Corps Southwest  Championships with us on Saturday. However, it was getting pretty late, and we were all tired and hungry from the day -- we decided to not get together after all. We ordered another pizza from Hunt Brothers, but we piddled around the KOA store while waiting for the pizza. They have a lot of stuff if you forget something!

We ate, watched a little tv, then I worked on preparing the artwork for the Band T-shirts. Tony had asked me to scope out possible vendors for those and colorguard related items, at the convention center, so I plan to go with him tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Today we got up early and got going to catch the bus. Tony had a seminar at 9AM, which meant we had to catch an 8AM bus -- which meant be out at the stop at 7:50AM. Which meant eek! I had to get up way too early for someone who has been working 'til midnight almost every night the past week.

Well, we made the bus and Tony made his seminar, and I went around and talked to vendors about shirts. We met back up for lunch, and ate at the Marriott's lunch buffet. It was very good! 

After lunch Tony had more seminars, while I looked into vendors for colorguard uniforms and flags, and a few more T-shirt folks. I found a t-shirt vendor I think will work out well!

About 3:45PM, we headed (with 3 bags of heavy stuff from the convention) over to the Rivercenter Mall to meet Tony's family to go to the Drum Corps Performance. Unfortunately in the early morning rush, I forgot our tickets! So we drove back over to the KOA and picked them up, along with our seat cushions and bottled water. 

Tony drove us all over to the Alamodome, and we luckily found a fenced parking area about a block from the Alamodome property. "Whoo hoo!" we thought, not too far to walk! Well, we were about in the center of the field, and the entrance has typically been at the north endzone. So walked over to there. Due to construction, the north endzone was closed, so we had to walk all the way around to the south endzone! Then, we had to walk inside to the north side of the pressbox, and up stairs to level 200, to our seats. We were all pretty hot and tired once we got seated. Luckily, we got there just in time to see The Colts, Tony's former Corps, perform. We enjoyed their show.

We saw lots of amazing performances at the DCI Southwest Championship this year, the athleticism and musicality of the shows are increasingly more difficult and awe-inspiring to watch. Unfortunately, more and more of the music is custom written and not recognizable, so you don't go away with anything "sticking" in your head. Honestly, they all kinda blended together this year for me. The Bluecoats won the night, and they did have an amazing show. They did things we've never seen on a marching field --  they used giant "skateboard style" 15ft tall ramps! Running up them, hanging on them, sliding down them, all while playing, as well as moving the ramps around the field for various visual effects.

We enjoyed the night and didn't have too far to go to get back to the car, now knowing the faster way to get there. Tony drove us back to the KOA, and they dropped us off. We head back home tomorrow.

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

This morning we were slower to get up, but we wanted to get on the road so we would not be getting home so late. We pulled out about 11AM. The trip was nice and easy up 281 to 183. We got home about 4:30PM, and decided to try pulling up in our site to be under the trees a little more for shade. upon entering the trailer, it was 96*! It took us a bit to get set up because we had to set up longer dump hose, water hose and cable lines, and move our rug out of the way a bit. Since it was still quite toasty inside and the cats were still in the truck (running with AC), we decided to run to town and get the mail, and pick up dinner. This would give the ACs time to cool the rig some more. Luckily, we had less humidity! Ours was only 25%, while it was 30% in SA, 34% in DFW!

All in all a good trip. We'll be staying put for a bit, now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heading Home Again

Monday, June 27, 2016

Today, we got going quickly since we knew we wanted to get on the road fast. We made quick work of trailer prep, but then we realized that the big fuel tank was nearly empty. We'd used a lot of fuel to get here, as well as all our running around. Since the cats were already in their box, we just loaded them in the truck and went and got fuel.

Eileen, Lost Alaskan RV Park, Alpine, TX

We got on the road a little later than expected, but made good time. We were going to go back a different route through San Angelo, but there were heavy stationary storms along that route that were causing flooding -- not something we wanted to drive into -- so we went back the way we came.

We drove through some rain on our way to Fort Stockton, but it looked like we really missed the heavy stuff.

We stopped in Monahans for lunch at McDonalds with truck parking, and then continued on.

We got back to our home park about 5:15pm and got set up again. We're getting good at this! By 6pm I was running to Eastland for mail and picking up dinner.

Although it was a quick scouting trip, it was a good one. I can't wait for our rally this spring!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mountains, mountains, love it here!

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Today we were a little slower to get going, but still hit the door about 10:30 to go exploring. We needed to check out a few more venues for the rally planning. We headed first to Fort Davis, TX where the Fort Davis Historic Site is located, considered one of the best preserved 19th century frontier forts. 

Also there is the Davis Mountains State Park, and the beginning of the Davis Mountains scenic loop. 

We did not take time to stop at the Fort or in town, but we did drive through the State Park. It has a great scenic view up on top of one of the rolling hills, overlooking Fort Davis and the State Park.

Tony at the scenic overlook, the state park over his right shoulder, Fort Davis off to his left.
Another scenic overlook with shelter built by the CCC.

One of the loops with larger trailers in the State Park. We saw a triple-axle Cyclone.

We also discovered the Indian Lodge, at the opposite end of the park. (See first pic above, the white building off to the left.)

The 1930s lodge houses guests, and they also serve meals at the Black Bear Restaurant, so that's where we had lunch.

There is no AT&T cell service out here, but the Lodge did have (slow) wifi. I took care of some business while we were here. 

After lunch we headed on to follow the Davis Mountains scenic loop: 118 to 166.

On the way we stopped to go to the McDonald Observatory

The observatory's three largest instruments are the 362" Hobby-Eberly telescope on 6,600-foot Mount Fowlkes, the 107" Harlan J. Smith and 82" Otto Struve telescopes located on 6,800-foot Mt. Locke. The observatory is located just 17 miles from Fort Davis on Texas Highway 118 and under one of the darkest night skies of any major observatory in the continental United States.

It was starting to cloud up as we arrived, and started to pour while we were inside.
We got to view their museum, and learn about their offerings for daytime and nighttime tours. The drive up here is a long one from the park... hilly, curvy and I'm sure very dark at night! You do have to have reservations in advance to go to their events, and we did not make any. Will note that for next time.

Once the rain let up a little we headed back to the truck and on to more touring. The scenery was unique and amazing! Some of it was quite obscured by the rain we encountered, but that made a unique experience as well.

The highest elevation on the Loop is about 6700 feet, making it the highest public highway in Texas. About 1.5 hours to drive Click here for map.

When we had almost completed the loop, we turned and headed back by way of Marfa, TX. Marfa is a tourist destination and a major center for Minimalist art. Attractions include Building 98, the Chinati Foundation, artisan shops, historical architecture, a classic Texas town square, modern art installments, art galleries, and the Marfa lights. We didn't really stop and look, but wanted to know what all was there. It is definitely a place I want to explore more. 

We also drove by the Marfa Lights observatory. Very nice facility. 
Pic from the web of the Marfa Lights Observatory.

Sadly, not enough time or energy to go see the Marfa Lights this trip. 

We got back home about 4:30. We ate leftover pizza, made some decisions about the rally, watched a little tv and then prepped the rig for travel tomorrow. This was a fast and furious trip! We didn't even go to Big Bend National Park! But we enjoyed it and look forward to our rally in the Spring.

Museum, Cow Dogs, Brews and Pizza

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Today we got up fairly early, and Tony went and got us donuts. They were very good! A definite thumbs up for rally needs. 

After we were dressed, we headed over to the park office to discuss some rally business with the park staff. We have a really great feeling about this park! 

Afterward, we headed to the Museum of the Big Bend, located on Sul Ross University campus. We had located the museum yesterday in our drive around town. 

The museum has a lot of informational panels, artifacts and displays depicting the story of Big Bend, from prehistoric times to recent times. The Big Bend has quite a history, being occupied by Indians, Spanish, Mexicans, Texans, and ultimately becoming a US National Park. It was very interesting.

After the museum, we noticed a large area nearby full of horse trailers with mounted officers and law enforcement personnel all around. They were preparing for a funeral procession for famous Texas Ranger, Joaquin Jackson, a local resident. We saw a long line of law enforcement vehicles, lights flashing, on another street, about the time of the funeral.

We headed downtown for lunch to eat at a food truck establishment called Cow Dog. It is located in an old motor home, semi-permanently parked on a corner. They had tables and more seating inside the building they are parked next to, but all the ordering and cooking is done at the RV.

The Cow Dog RV between us.

I had a "hangover dog" and Tony had a "green chile dog". They were both very good, and we enjoyed sitting outside and watching the people and traffic go by. 

After lunch, we headed back to the rig for a bit, and rested. 

About 2:30 we headed over to Big Bend Brewing Company, to do their brewery tour and sampling. Unfortunately the tour was delayed almost an hour due to staffing issues, but we did enjoy the brew sampling. A note to anyone wanting to do this, the brewery is not air conditioned, and it does get warm in there! They have areas you can walk to outside, but without a good breeze it gets toasty.

Going to the brewery

On the tour
Canning the beer

After the tour, we headed home again for a while, both of us taking a snooze in our recliners! About 6 we headed out to go try another place to eat, Guzzi Up, an Italian food place located in a former gas station. The food was pretty good. We had cheesy garlic bread appetizer, and then a large pizza. The pizza could have had more meat on it, but it was tasty. They got busy and the service was a bit slow in the end. 

Pic from Yelp.
Our pizza

After dinner we went back to the rig, then went for a walk around the park. We decided we needed to spend another day to get more information for our rally, so we went to the office and asked to extend our stay another day.

After that we headed back to the rig, but stopped and visited briefly with some other Heartland Owners. One was not happy with his unit, but it sounded like his dealer had really treated him unfairly.

Once home again, we had some spotty showers in the area that were cooling off temps. We enjoyed being outside for a bit. 
We watched a little tv, I did some work, then we hit the hay. A busy day today!