Sunday, July 16, 2017

On the road again, TexMex here we come.

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

This morning, we got up and didn't have too much to do to be on the road, as we had done a lot of it yesterday. We pulled out about 8:30am, our goal was to make it to Texarkana. Since we were now behind a day, we decided to go a little further today, and pull into Terrell on Sunday morning.

The drive was much easier than our previous from Indiana to Tennessee. The roads were better, and the only big cities to pass through were Memphis and Little Rock, both of which were not too bad.

We stopped at a rest stop in Arkansas to eat lunch, and continued on our way. We made good time, and once closer to the Texas border, we noticed an El Chico sign. Tony's favorite chain TexMex! We had not had good TexMex since we left June 2, so we decided that was our goal when we got to Texarkana-- get set up and go eat Mexican food.

We called ahead and made reservations at the Sunrise RV Park, on the Arkansas side of Texarkana. Someone told us it is a former drive-in movie theater. The sites are set up in concentric arcs, and it is all gravel. We were in a row all by ourselves.

Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana, AR

Out site

We got set up fairly quickly, and then headed to El Chico, about 5 miles away. We had a great meal, then stopped for a little fuel and then went back home and collapsed. Today was an excellent travel day, compared to many!

Eileen at Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana, AR

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